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The University of Iowa

The Department of Pharmaceutical Care at University of Iowa Health Care is seeking a Pharmacy Technician, Trainee to coordinate and perform as necessary the technical activities of dispensing areas. This position is under general supervision of technician supervisor, carries out activities supportive of development, coordination, and training of assigned areas.
Duties to include:
  • Perform activities associated with inventory maintenance in satellites and dispensing areas including emergency drug supplies
  • Review pharmacy medication inventory for expired medications.
  • Maintain medication inventory levels according to established par levels when available
  • Manage inpatient Epic In-Baskets which includes: printing labels for missing medications, determining the amount of medication required to prepare the intended dose, preparing and/or package of medications; preparing the label; documentation of activities and printing the discharge patient list and removing their medication from the patient care unit
  • Deliver medications to patient care areas, return medications from patient care areas that are no longer needed.
  • Ensure that medication security is maintained when working in the patient care unit medication rooms. This includes the integrity of security (door/lock etc…), security of medications inside the medication room (controlled substances locked properly), medications inside room are stored correctly (properly dated and refrigerated is needed).
  • Maintain accurate controls and security regarding controlled substances both in and out of the pharmacy area, including inventory records regarding preparation and delivery to patient care areas.
  • Generate, review and maintain (includes filing) appropriate records related to medication distribution and dispensing.(forms 127P, 131)
  • Utilize various equipment including, laminar flow hoods, computerized label printers, pharmaceutical packaging and compounding equipment and pneumatic tube system. Utilize, AcuDose Medstation, RemStar and Med Carousel and other automated dispensing equipment.
  • Maintains cleanliness of BSC and other equipment and the clean room in accordance with policies and procedures.
  • Completes quality assurance activities and quality control records for documentation of appropriate sterile compounding processes.
  • Maintain competencies in proper sterile product preparation
  • Utilize and adhere to aseptic technique when preparing and manipulating sterile products, including proper hand-washing, garbing, product handling and observance of airflow issues within the clean room facility.
  • Compound sterile products including anti-neoplastic drugs in bulk supplies and single doses; utilize aseptic technique in BSC.
  • Maintain proper handling and proper worker safety precautions regarding medications that are considered hazardous (antineoplastic medications) or medications that become hazardous upon waste (EPA designated waste).
  • Package and compound non-sterile products in bulk supplies and single doses.
  • Conducts and documents monthly inspections of patient care areas
  • Assist with on-the-job training of pharmacy students and new technicians; may provide functional supervisor to student technicians
  • Perform activities involving narcotics and controlled substances including: daily, weekly and monthly inventories; order replacement supplies from internal source and review documentation records for completeness and contact manager if documentation is not complete.
  • Perform tasks associated with refilling AcuDose Medstations including: following proper procedures in picking correct medications to restock AcuDose Medstations; following proper procedures in restocking AcuDose Medstations
  • Assisting pharmacist in conducting inspection of all medications stored on patient care unit.
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Percent of Time: 100%
Schedule: Work 8 hour shifts between the hours of 6:30 am – 4:00 pm
Location: Acute Care – IV Ads
Rotations: Alternating weeks/weekends
Pay Grade: 08
Benefits Highlights:
  • Regular salaried position located in Iowa City, Iowa
  • Fringe benefit package including paid vacation; sick leave; health, dental, life and disability insurance options; and generous employer contributions into retirement plans
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Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • High school graduation including a general mathematics course, or the equivalent.
  • Effective July 1, 2009, a Pharmacy Technician (Trainee) must be registered with the Pharmacy Board. All pharmacy technicians must be certified within one year of employment. If certification is not achieved by the end of one year of employment, individuals will be terminated. (Per Board of Pharmacy Administrative Rules (Iowa Administrative Code 657, Chapter 3, Pharmacy Technicians)
  • Experience requirement:
    • Two years’ experience in a position directly related to natural sciences, or
    • Two years post high school education in the natural sciences or related area, or
    • A combination of related experience and related post high school education to equal two years.
Special Qualifications:
  • Ability to calculate ratios and proportions for pharmaceutical needs as demonstrated by a work sample.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Experience with inventory maintenance activities
  • Experience working in team environment
  • Experience working in detail-oriented work environment
  • Knowledge of windows based computer programs
  • Experience working in healthcare with one-on-one patient interaction & experience handling challenging interactions in work environment.
  • Prefer National Career Readiness Certificate at Silver Level

Application Process: Resume preferred as part of the application process. Job openings are posted for a minimum of 10 calendar days. Applications will be accepted until 11:59 PM of the posting end date.

Successful candidates will be subject to a criminal background check.