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Position Profile

The Associate assists FCA staff with necessary duties assigned by the supervisor in order to aid in the successful camp ministry or campus ministry programs and/or administrative support.

Job Purpose

An Associate is a temporary, part time position, not eligible for FCA benefits or 401K contributions. Associates can be FCA staff for up to 1 year.
FCA employees shall be expected to model FCA’s Christian beliefs for the larger community, perform all of their duties as a service to God, and comply with the following obligations:
  • Beliefs: Each FCA employee shall affirm his or her agreement with FCA’s Statement of Faith and shall not subscribe to or promote any religious beliefs inconsistent with these beliefs.

  • Christian Conduct Standards
    : FCA employees shall at all times (both during working and non-working hours) endeavor to conduct themselves in a manner that affirms biblical standards of conduct in accordance with FCA’s Christian beliefs. Such conduct standards include FCA’s Youth Protection Policy and Sexual Purity Statement.

  • Distinctly Christian Activities
    : FCA employees shall be ready, willing, and able to lead or contribute to distinctly Christian activities such as lead worship, bible study and conduct prayer services.

  • Ministerial Duties
    : FCA employees shall daily spend time in prayer and in the Word, share Christ through word and life, and seek the Lord’s will for the ministry of FCA. FCA staff will worship and seek weekly involvement in a local church, be a religious leader and in some cases serve under the authority and assignment of the local church.
This position is at-will employment, meaning that either the employee or FCA can discontinue employment at any time, with or without notice and with or without cause. Also, FCA can modify this Position Description at any time. The Position Description does not create a contract (express or implied) or enforceable promise or representation.

Job Description & Activities

This purpose of this associate position is to capture and communicate the story of how God is moving through Eastern Iowa FCA. The associate will specialize in story capture and social media.

  • Connect with coaches and athletes around Eastern Iowa to build Christ centered relationships.
  • Capture photographs at athletic events and in FCA environments that put discipleship on display.
  • Produce video clips that tell the E3 story from Eastern Iowa and beyond.
  • Share testimonies that communicate FCA’s clear, concise and compelling story.

  • Develop content that speaks to all four FCA advancement lanes (staff, board, donor, ministry).
  • Implement a plan that consistently communicates with coaches, athletes and donors on social media.
  • Build a social media following over 2,000 people on multiple platforms.
  • Network with coaches & athletes on social media from every college and school district in Eastern Iowa